A small business person operating in Kenya or somewhere in Africa wants to apply for a loan in order to grow his or her small business. He or she approaches Longitude Finance loans officer or fills an online loan application form, then such an application is thoroughly evaluated to ensure that it is in line with the mandate of supporting small businesses that have social economic impact, create jobs, alleviate poverty, sustainable and able to repay.

If the loan is approved by Longitude Finance, it is uploaded to the MYC4 marketplace. You and other investors can now read about the entrepreneur and see his or her application for funding.

There is an auction on MYC4 where you can bid with the amount you wish to lend to the small business and at what interest rate. You do not have to lend the small business person the full amount. Several people can participate in the loan. It is the people who offer the lowest interest rates that end up lending money to the business when the auction is over.

When the auction closes, the funds are transferred to the small business person. As the business grows, he or she starts paying back his loan with interest to you.


When I finished primary school, my grandfather asked me
what I wanted to be. I said I wanted to become a builder or a
carpenter, something physical. He arranged it so that I could
follow a carpenter for a couple of years to learn on the job.

Today, I have my own workshop and a group of young
workers who are now learning the trade from me.

I borrowed money through MYC4 to buy raw materials to
 make sofas, furniture and beds. When clients come to
look at my things, they want variety. It’s not enough to only
 have dining tables. People also want chairs. So if you don’t
 have a variety of products, they will go somewhere else. 

I use the profits from my business to pay school fees for
my four children. My dream is to move out of the slum
and give my children a safer environment to grow up in.